Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is the first thing come out from ur mind when i say..


The machine on it right? Well.. It’s not like “mesin gerudi”..but it’s just some sort of device..and should be..PAINLESS..

Sejak seminggu due bnyk je org dtg ckp ngn fa..”camne ye kalu nk wat dental treatment..sakit gg la”..i wonder why..musim sakit gg ke?? Hehe..

Since in primary school..i never scared of the dentist or the chair..maybe because, it’s never hurt me..but somehow..i realise..most of people..ade pengalaman buruk atau PHOBIA to the dentist or the dental chair itself..(Bule wat masuk dlm Fear Factor ni...hmmm)


-feeling of helplessness or loss of control?
-Negative past experience?
-The sight, sound and smell in the dental environment?
-Afraid of NEEDLE? painful isn’t it??..Bad wasn’t dat bad..

Keje dentist bukan nk menyakitkan org..just to help..and reduce the pain..Sakit ketike treatment..just for a while and it will recover..memangla..bukan sume org ade tahap kesihatan mulut yg baik..even dah jg baik..still caries sbb u need the dentist for treatment..


-You feel tense or have trouble sleeping the night before a dental exam.
-You get increasingly nervous while you're in the waiting room.
-You feel like crying when you think of going to the dentist.
-The thought of a dental visit makes you feel physically ill.
-You panic or have trouble breathing when objects are placed in your mouth during a dental appointment.

Ade?? Oh NO....u might have DENTAL PHOBIA..

But before that..let me introduce u some common tools that the dentist used during treatment..

Ni la BUR yg digunekan utk “gerudi” caries yg ade kat gg..sbb enamel gg xde saraf..sptutnye xsakit..just ade bunyi2 yg kurang enak yg wat org tiny actually..

AMALGAM..lpas gune BUR..amalgam digune utk cover bhgian gg yg hilang..xsakit lgsg! xdela bakteria bule masuk dlm saraf gg dan jdkan sakit.. Bekilatnye gg~

SCALING(cuci gg)..Just gune alat kecil ni utk kuarkan kotoran yg ade kat gg..makin bnyk kotoran yg ade..makin bnyk kene buang..makin tggi potensi utk alat ni tekene gusi..n mayb sakit..

Sometimes..EXTRACTION(cabut gg) sngt sakit tp kadang x..depends pd tahap kerosakan..

Nape xle cabut gg taim gusi bengkak??

-sbb bile bengkak..means ade nanah inside..if nk bius..xde sakitla bile cabut gg..dats y xle cabut gg taim bengkak..


Tgk alat kat dental chair ni..mcm nk wat pembedahan je kan? Hehe..bkn ade pe ngt pun..lampu..bekas utk ltak alat.semburan air..angin..basic2 thing..jus sumenye diletakkan skaligus kat 1 mesin..utk memudahkan keje dentist..sbb dental treatment sumenye bekait ngn mase..mampu ke ngange mulut lame2??

So..dont get confuse..JANGAN TAKUT..noting 2 worry actually..Nape dentist kene blaja 5thun hanye utk rawat gg?? Cause..there are so many things to be consider..

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tingat zaman kecik2 dulu..slalu cikgu ..kwn2..tanye.. ”Hobi ape?”..mcm2 jwpan bule dngr.. baca buku..main game..besukan..tgk tv..even tdo.. makin lame..jwpan yg bese didengar..dah berubah..jd surf playstation..mcm2..and usually berkait ngn technology..

It’s seems..hobi kanak2 bergerak same ngn peredaran zaman..

Last month..i had found something that is very interesting..the OLD STAMP.. from all over the country.. i ask my mum..and she was hers..and my father’s collection since they were in primary school..
Wow!! No wonder it looks so old..

There were hundreds of them..England is the most but also from Australia, Bangladesh, Belgique, Canada, China, Danmark, Espana, Egypt, Helventia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Nederland, New Zealand, Pilipinas, Republik Indonesia, Republik Italiana, Singapore, Thailand, US..and so many other..

Abah fa ckp..kalu dijual..beribu ringgit jgk yg bule abah xkan pernah jual..abah nk fa simpan baik2..heee...wat an honour..That’s why..fa susun blk smua setem one big stamp can be something yg bule diturunkan turun temurun dr kuarge fa.. Bkn snang nk dpt kan...

Lgpun setem ni actually can educate jgk kan..Actually..bkn foreign country je yg mak abah kumpul..even MALAYSIA..since MALAYA..also hundreds of them.. So old yet so wonderful..fa asingkan ia dlm 1 lg stamp album..khas utk yg tempatan..n fa pun akan kumpul..sementare nk tggu fa tue..setem skrg ni pun akan jd beharge kan..something yg org slalu ignore.. ( kad raye pun dah gune sms camne nk kumpul setem..huhu)

Hopefully.. hobi mcm ni..le jd something yg sngt beharge..n diteruskan bdk2 zaman skrg..So, JOM KUMPUL SETEM!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ancient Egyptians
told many stories about their Gods and about the world around them..Dan dulu fa pnah cite ttg bagaimana moon waxes and wanes..Now..fa nk bekongsi another story from the ROMANS..

This story explains how the city was founded and why it was called “ROME”.
Long ago..a wicked king called Amulius ruled over the city of Alba Longa. He had stolen the throne from his elder brother, Numitor..who fled to the hills and hid among the shepherds and herdsmen. Amulius killed Numitor’s two sons and forced Numitor’s daughter to become a priestess(paderi perempuan). That way, she would never marry and have children who might take revenge on Amulius (jahatnye....)

Nevertheless, one day..Amulius was furious to hear that his niece had given birth to twin boys. She claimed that their father was Mars, the God of War, who had visited her one night in a dream.

Amulius did not believe her and ordered the two boys to be drowned. His servants set the babies afloat on the River Tiber in a reed basket. They drifted toward the Palatine Hill and finally came to rest under a fig tree(pokok ara). A she-wolf came across the babies, attracted by ther crying . Instead of killing and eating them, she looked after the boys, feeding them with her own milk.
(possible?? just continue reading..)

Soon old shepherd called Faustulus was watching his flock when his noticed the fresh tracks of a wolf. Taking his spear, he set off to find the animal and kill it. To his amazement, he found the baby boys, along with the she-wolf, who was licking them clean with her tongue.

Faustulus took the babies home with him and showed them to his wife, Laurentia. The old shepherd and his wife had no children of their own, although ther had always longed for some. So the couple decided they would bring up the boys themselves, and named them ROMULUS and REMUS.

The twins grew up among the shepherds and herdsmen of the hills by the river Tiber. As they got older, they showed by their strength and cleverness that they were born leaders. The other boys all respected and looked up to them.

One day.. a quarrel broke out between the twins and some herdsmen looking after the flocks belonging to Numitor. The herdsmen accused the twins of stealing cattle. There was a fight and the scuffle, REMUS was taken prisoner.

Numitor was puzzled when he met REMUS. Something was strangely familiar about him. When REMUS told Numitor his age and that he had a twin brother, the old man realized that he was talking to his own grandson! He was overjoyed. He told the twins who they really were, and how his wicked brother had wanted them dead.

ROMULUS and REMUS agreed to help their grandfather get back the throne of Alba Longa. They led their fellow shepherds to the city and made a surprise attack on Amulius, killing him in his palace.

Numitor was then welcomed back by the people of Alba Longa as the rightful king. The twins were now princes in Alba Longa. But they were not happy there. They missed the hills on the River Tiber, where they had grown up. Eventually, the decided to go back there to found a city of their own.

Once they had reached the Tiber, the twins began to argue about where the city should be built. REMUS said it should be on the Aventine Hill, but ROMULUS said ther should choose the Palatine Hill, where they had been found by the she-wolf.

At last..the brothers decided to ask the Gods to settle the question. Each of them stood on the hill he favoured and watched the sky for birds, signs from the Gods. Soon a group of vultures began to circle, high up on the air. Six of them flew over REMUS, who shouted, “Look! The Gods have chosen me!”

But then twelve of the vultures flew over ROMULUS. ROMULUS began to mark out the boundary line of his city, and his followers started digging a deep trench.

REMUS watched with growing anger. He began to shout insults at his brother’s taunts, but when REMUS and his follewers started to jump over the boundary line, ROMULUS lost his temper. A fight broke put with picks anh shovels. Remus was killed.

Instead of showing sadness at his brother’s death, ROMULUS just said grimly,” That’s what will happen to anyone who tries to jump over my city walls!” The new city was given the name ROME, in honour of ROMULUS. He proved to be a wise king, and ruled over his people for thirty-eight years.

One day..while KING ROMULUS was watching his soldiers parade on the Field of Mars, there was sudden thunderstorm. A thick black cloud wrapped itself around him and , in a flash of lightning, he disappeared. The Romans said that their founder had gone to join his father Mars,up in the heavens.

=) love this kind of story..

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dah lame fa x update blog fa la yg busy ngat..just as usual..having so many things to september which is 14 days of Ramadhan and fasting.. Alhamdulillah..fa still berupaye utk menjalani ibadah puase..


Actually..bkn ISLAM je yg mengamalkan puase..other religions pun..but according to Islam..Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Muslim lunar year(Bulan Islam) which is celebrated from beginning to end as holy..In fact..Ramadhan dikatakan as the holiest time of the Muslim year..The principle outward characteristic of Ramadhan is that Muslims are expected to fast all day, sepanjang bulan Ramadhan ni...

Traditionally the times of fast are marked as whenever a white thread can be distinguished from a black thread. Once those threads can no longer told apart, eating is permitted(berbuke puase). Fasting during Ramadhan is considered one of the Five Pillars(Rukun Islam), meaning it is one of the five most basic beliefs/acts which a Muslim has to do.

However, it's not accurate to say yg muslim yg berpuase cume tahan makan dan minum.. there are quite a few rules which apply to it. For one thing, a Muslim must consciously formulate the intention to fast as part of a rite..Ini utk mengelakkan Ramadhan sbg empty symbol which people don't give much thought to..

The full formulation reads: "to fast tomorrow to acquit my duty towards God of fasting Ramadan this year."

Melayunye..xtau sj la..hehe..kawan fa de ajar niat versi cute~

HINDUNISM fasting?

Fasting in Hinduism indicates the denial of the physical needs of the body for the sake of spiritual gains..Its a harmonious relationship antare jiwa dan roh... This is thought to be imperative for the well being of a human being as it nourishes both his/her physical and spiritual demands...


Hindus fast on certain days of the month such as Purnima (full moon) and Ekadasi (the 11th day of the fortnight). Hindus also fast on festivals like Navaratri, Shivratri and Karwa Chauth...Kalu tgk industan kat TV..leh tgk si isteri berpuase utk mendoakan kebaikakn pd si suami..So sweet..


According to the Christian..De banyak sbb utk berpuase..antaranye..People fast to help them make a decision, and they want to make sure they hear God's direction.. Other times they fast to help others, to grow closer to God, or to heal from some hurt..Christian jgk pcaye..puase bukan skadar tahan mkn & berdasarkan niat..utk mendptkan hajat sebenar berpuase..

BUDDHA fasting?

Buddhism regards fasting as a means to achieve and practice self-control. The Buddha advised monks(rahib) not to eat solids after noon.. Pada waktu ni..people who observe the Eight Precepts (Ashtanayak) on full moon days also observe a fast and do not eat after noon..Fasting, according to Buddhism, is an initial stage of self-discipline on the path to acquire self-control. The role of fasting in major religions is to sacrifice a meal for one day or for a fixed period so that we can be aware of the less fortunate and give them alms.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hi..dah lame fa xupdate blog fa..huhu...just soo busy this few 1 new thing is...i just get new baby..hehe..not mine..of course..anak kaklong..and his name..Zuhair Afif..

This is his picture when he is just born..look at his de sumting salut kulit kan..only my mum dare 2 see da moments..saat die dilahirkan..cuz abglong xtahan nk tgk..Why do u think??

He's so cute..especially while sleeping..ase nk cubit je2..hehe..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I get my buddy last week..n her name is apex 1st year dental student..waa..1st time to act as a senior..I used to ask them.. “nape amik dentistry?” ..and i get so many kind of answer..including.. “sbb sy pkai braces..” haha..wat an interesting reason..

Then, i think again..why did i choose dentistry..i never thought before until i finished my matriculation dat i want to b a dentist..cause..since school..i love maths so much..and art..
Talking about art..since in usm..n was so busy with all the classes n requirement..i stop doing my “art work”..Bdk2 dental pndai ke art? Art xsemestinye melukis.. singing,dancing,acting..playing instrument are also ART..Dentistry pun perlu art tau..

Dr sekolah rendah dulu..fa sngt minat bidang seni..mase primary school..fa de join klas menari..dr darjah 3-6.. Not like Britney Spears huh.. Traditional dance.. Fa pnah wat perfomance kat Rumah P. Ramlee kat Penang dulu..Sempena mengenang Alllahyarham.. Fa pnah dpt tawaran masuk citrawarna kat mum xbg cuz..well.. she loves me soo much n xle jauh dr anak bongsu pinang peribut die just can see my frens practising..Owh..never will forget bout dat..

Then.. fa pindah klantan.. Dah stop dancing2.. Try to learn drawing lak.. bes ngt..ptg2 after school, pg klas lukisan ptame fa ms blaja dulu..very basic..jus draw anything yg ade dpn mate..

Pindah lak masuk MJSC PC mase form 4.. den fa mule bejinak ngn music.. n im kinda fell in love with music.. I’d join the orchestra grup.. named.. D’Melodiuos Orchestra..Under pimpinan ..En. Razi..Such a talented music teacher..Wat do i play? Mule2 blaja recorder je..hey..don think it’s easy.. U never noe...until u learn..hehe..den fa dpt blaja men keyboard lak..bes ngt100x.. n club ni pnah perform kat usm KK..taim battle of the band..hehe..hint yg 1 day nant.. fa akan blaja kat sini kot..alang2 dah masuk orchestra...tamak tul..nak masuk Choir lak.. nyanyi2..enjoy ngt upper secondary school dulu..

Masuk matriculation..dah xde dah sume club2 seni camtu..sedih ngt...den.. tetbe de petandingn Drama..Even xpnah2 blaja belakon..tingin lak nk masuk.. join..practise..n den.. dpt masuk final..not me alone acting la..within a group.. Guess ape watak fa dpt.. d herion..hehe.. But as it was a sad ending.. i die at the end of da story..huhu..
barisan para pelakon,guru penasihat n tenage pembantu..hee~

USM here i am now..ape yg ade kat sini?? Notim..for d second year student.. there are only Wataniah n JPAM.. both kawad kaki..aaaa..never ever fa join kawad before.. n i don like sports.. ape nk je ade..
Sports pe yg fa le men?? Sume yg xbepeluh..hehe..Fa pnah join bowling.. petanque.. chess (sukan ke ni??) archery..(hey..even im skiny..bule je angkat tau..hehe).. so now..dah xde dental student..i only hav time to time to play..So for my juniors..Ur new day has come..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey.. why there are always about dental stuff??

Simple answer.. cuz im the dentist in the making.. learning how to educate people about oral care..hehe.. What do you know about oral hygiene?


Ancient peoples chewed twigs from plants with high aromatic properties to freshen the breath, spread out fibers and to clean tooth and gum. Eg: Root of the arak tree – siwak (kayu sugi)

In 618-907 A.D., Tang dynasty china invented toothbrush using hog bristles. Eeeuuww..

But today.. nylon bristle were used instead..

Which toothbrush is suitable for you? Its depends on your own teeth and comfort..But actually the power toothbrush is even better to clean all area on teeth…

There are also some supplemental oral hygiene devices.


Main function: To remove plaque and debris that adheres to the teeth, restorations, orthodontic appliances, fixed prostheses and pontics, gingivae in interproximal embrasures, and around implants.

Fa mostly dngr org ckp.. diorg gunekan floss sbg alternative utk bersihkan celahan gigi dgn cpt dr sisa mknn.. Dan diorg gunekan bhgn floss yg same utk semua gigi dan lebih mengejutkan basuh dan gunekan utk beberapa hari.. Jimatnye.. But it’s not a proper way..Use a piece of floss (18inches) and clean every area..


A fork made of the same material as a toothbrush handle. The user wraps the floss around the fork and can clean between their teeth using this device.


Wooden or plastic triangular sticks
Kat kdai mkn slalu ade bende ni kan..Good..atleast masyarakat dah biase bersihkan gg lepas mkn dr sisa mknn..


Large papillary surface area of the tongue favors the accumulation of oral microorganism. Soft bristle toothbrush can be used.Cam kat TV ckp.. 80% bakteria bkn brade pd gg.. so..kebersihan lidah pun penting..Cume.. xsesusah utk bersihkan gg..


Mouth rinsing helps to remove food debris and the solution used can flow in hard-to -reach areas such as between teeth.

Mouthrinses are used in addition to brushing and flossing. They do not replace the use of toothbrush, toothpaste or dental floss.

There are two types of mouthrinses.

1.Regular mouthrinses to refresh the mouth.
2.Therapeutic mouthrinses
*with added benefit of protection against oral diseases
*for treatment.
But.. make sure you did not keep using it for more than 2 weeks or you may get gum inflammation. After 2 weeks of using.. rest for days.. and you can continue using it after that..

There are so many other kind of devices that can be used according to the needs.. Orthodontics patients ( wearing braces) may need other devices..It’s up to you.. which one is suitable and affordable.. Just make sure.. your oral cavity is always clean and realize that oral hygiene is as important as maintaining health..

Nice smile =)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Alahmdulillah..tak lame agi.. fa akan dpt anak sdare baru.. a Boy or Girl?? It’s a very common question rite? According to doctors,it’s a boy.. Zuhair Afif name yg bakal diberi.. xtaula nape kaklong ske ngt name 2..Tp pnah jd je kan.. jangkaan doktor lain tp yg keluarnye lain..Possible??


Fa mule tertarik ttg How Malaysian People Predict Gender of a Baby during Pregnancy..Pnahla dngr.. since i was in Penang.. different race have their own prediction..Sounds so much interesting..Wanna know how??


The Baby Gender Predictor is based off the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and actually does the calculations to convert the mother's age to the proper format.


Pastikan berapa umur si ibu sewaktu melahirkan bayi dan bandingkan dgn bulan kelahiran bayi tersebut..Blue is for a boy..while pink is a girl..

Try check yours.. Same x? It’s don’t have the specific accuracy but Chinese do believe this calendar in predicting the gender of their baby or try to plan their pregnancy..


This is the most interesting part.. Fa pnah dengar care in dari mak sejak dari kecil dulu.. ttg bagaimana india muslim jangkakan jantina bayi sebelum mengandung lagi..Semuanya berdasarkan celahan punggung si kakak atau abg bayi tersebut.. Mudah sj..Dalam beberapa hari seorg bayi lahir.. mereke akan tgk di celahan punggung bayi sama ada punya lekukan kecil atau tidak..Jika ada..maknanya.. adik bayi tersebut akan sama jantina dgn bayi tersebut.Jika x, jd bezela..

Accuracy? Bedasarkana apa yg mak fa pnah lihat.. 100%..


For Malays.. They don have specific rules or culture.. It’s just so simple.. Mostly.. they are just predict by looking at the size of the mother’s stomach..or how frequent they experience ”kicking” of the baby.. If the size is big or the baby is so active..its a boy.. Accuracy?? Susahnye nk jangkakan..huhu..

So.. bule la try2 check blk kan? hehe.. =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Doktor : Ubat gigi apa yang puan guna untuk anak puan? (lebih kurangla)
Ibu : Saya tak ingat doktor..yang pasti HALAL..
Doktor : Ubat gigi bukan perlu sekadar HALAL tapi berflorida. Florida penting dalam penjagaan gigi.Florida juga..bla..bla..bla..(tak ingat dah..)

Ingat tak iklan Ubat Gigi ni? Die cite ttg pentingnye gune ubat gigi berflorida..But..What did you really understand about FLUORIDE??

Fluoride: identified as one of the elements present in dental hard tissues.
Fluoride ion is “calcium – seeking”
Fluorapatite = Ca10(PO4)6F2
All we all know..toothpaste and mouth rinses contains flouride, but did you realise that in our daily diet also have fluoride? The example are fish and tea..But with very little amount..

Most of ingested fluoride are absorbed in the digestive tract (saluran pencernaan)and go to the blood. Only small amounts is unabsorbed and excreted in the faeces. Circulating plasma fluoride will deposited to teeth and bone and only small amount to soft tissues. Then, it will excrete via urinary system (major pathway) and sweat, small amount in milk, saliva and digestive juice.

What’s the function?

1. Fluoride were incorporated into tooth structure to increased resistance to acid attack
2. Influence the solubility rate
3. Catalyses stable apatitic phase
4. Favours remineralisation of early carious lesions
5. Effect on acid formation
6. Affect the morphology of the teeth making them more self cleansing
7. Different agent with specific effects

Senang nk paham..florida penting dalam penjagaan gigi dengan meneutralkan asid plak yg melekat pd gigi yg menyebabkan sakit gigi..

Tp di Malaysia.. Water fluoridation dah lame diperkenalkan bermule di negeri Johor since 1957..Why? To prevent caries among Malaysian..Community water fluoridation is safe and cost-effective and should be introduced and maintained wherever it is socially acceptable and feasible. The optimum water fluoride concentration will normally be within the range of 0.5ppm – 1.0ppm.

Certain country.. They apply fluoride in tablets, drop or lozenges instead of water fluoridation. It depends on current levels of fluoride intake, caries status and age of subjects in the area.

Kurang Florida menyebabkan karies gigi..Kalu lebih??

Florida berlebihan dalam badan boleh menyebabkan Fluorosis..
Tp jangan risau..Kite perlu telan 5 tube ubat gigi utk mendapat penyakit ini.. Possible? Go back and try..

So.. make sure gune ubat gg with fluoride ya..especially area Kelantan..cuz.. Kelantan don hav water fluoridation..k..



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