Sunday, October 25, 2009


What is the first thing come out from ur mind when i say..


The machine on it right? Well.. It’s not like “mesin gerudi”..but it’s just some sort of device..and should be..PAINLESS..

Sejak seminggu due bnyk je org dtg ckp ngn fa..”camne ye kalu nk wat dental treatment..sakit gg la”..i wonder why..musim sakit gg ke?? Hehe..

Since in primary school..i never scared of the dentist or the chair..maybe because, it’s never hurt me..but somehow..i realise..most of people..ade pengalaman buruk atau PHOBIA to the dentist or the dental chair itself..(Bule wat masuk dlm Fear Factor ni...hmmm)


-feeling of helplessness or loss of control?
-Negative past experience?
-The sight, sound and smell in the dental environment?
-Afraid of NEEDLE? painful isn’t it??..Bad wasn’t dat bad..

Keje dentist bukan nk menyakitkan org..just to help..and reduce the pain..Sakit ketike treatment..just for a while and it will recover..memangla..bukan sume org ade tahap kesihatan mulut yg baik..even dah jg baik..still caries sbb u need the dentist for treatment..


-You feel tense or have trouble sleeping the night before a dental exam.
-You get increasingly nervous while you're in the waiting room.
-You feel like crying when you think of going to the dentist.
-The thought of a dental visit makes you feel physically ill.
-You panic or have trouble breathing when objects are placed in your mouth during a dental appointment.

Ade?? Oh NO....u might have DENTAL PHOBIA..

But before that..let me introduce u some common tools that the dentist used during treatment..

Ni la BUR yg digunekan utk “gerudi” caries yg ade kat gg..sbb enamel gg xde saraf..sptutnye xsakit..just ade bunyi2 yg kurang enak yg wat org tiny actually..

AMALGAM..lpas gune BUR..amalgam digune utk cover bhgian gg yg hilang..xsakit lgsg! xdela bakteria bule masuk dlm saraf gg dan jdkan sakit.. Bekilatnye gg~

SCALING(cuci gg)..Just gune alat kecil ni utk kuarkan kotoran yg ade kat gg..makin bnyk kotoran yg ade..makin bnyk kene buang..makin tggi potensi utk alat ni tekene gusi..n mayb sakit..

Sometimes..EXTRACTION(cabut gg) sngt sakit tp kadang x..depends pd tahap kerosakan..

Nape xle cabut gg taim gusi bengkak??

-sbb bile bengkak..means ade nanah inside..if nk bius..xde sakitla bile cabut gg..dats y xle cabut gg taim bengkak..


Tgk alat kat dental chair ni..mcm nk wat pembedahan je kan? Hehe..bkn ade pe ngt pun..lampu..bekas utk ltak alat.semburan air..angin..basic2 thing..jus sumenye diletakkan skaligus kat 1 mesin..utk memudahkan keje dentist..sbb dental treatment sumenye bekait ngn mase..mampu ke ngange mulut lame2??

So..dont get confuse..JANGAN TAKUT..noting 2 worry actually..Nape dentist kene blaja 5thun hanye utk rawat gg?? Cause..there are so many things to be consider..


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mama pn ad blog.huyoo...tahniah2

z.e.t.t.y said...

bes2.. dpt tau mnda2 ginie~

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