Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lepas dah habis blaja ni, bnyk berfikir.. ade org cdgkn teruskan ngn kerajaan mcm biase, ade yg suruh sambung blaja, ade yg ckp bukak klinik sndiri yg bule cpt kaye katenye..
Ramai org ckp, jd doctor gigi ni kaye, sbb semue mahal.. hehe.. bule jd jutawan ke?? 
Here is the list of suggested price for dental treatments in Malaysia released on 2010 and still used till now I guess..

Tak dinafikan, sesetengahnye macam mahal xmasuk akal.. tp mestila ade sbb nye.. org slalu pk, klinik gigi xbnyk modal, beli kerusi je.. dan panadol.. most of people didn’t know the actual cost of dental materials.. bahan tampalan yg bule mencecah ratusan ringgit, penyelenggaraan bahan yg bertoksik sume tu, kalu nk crite, knew at entri baru.. =)

Then, regarding the skills, only a dentist can treat you well, cause they were previously trained with real patients and specialists as consultants. Kalau x, xdela kne blaja 5-6thun nk jd dentist kalau takat nk cabut gigi ngan playar je kan~~ Semuanye mesti lojik!

Malaysian can have their options; get your treatment in government clinic, private clinic, or university's hospitals. Don’t be afraid to be treated with “students” cause you might surprised the highly occupied and expensive materials they used, very best specialist by your side and everything was for FREE!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Waaaaahhhh!!! dah lame rupenye tinggalkan blog ni.. dah 3 tahun.. maafla kalau de komen yg lmbt reply.. dok xdok, Alhamdullillah dah habis belajar.. and waiting for my posting letter to be a dental practitioner... hoping to work in HUSM..

BOSAN?? JEMU? mmg tula yg pertame skali yg pikir bile dpt tawaran keje sane, tp bile pertimbangkan pro & cons, maybe ade lg bnyk benefitnye.. Hope for the best! and leh brkhidmat dgn masyarakat..

Nak cite ttg ape lak ye pasni~~~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

DOKTOR GIGI pun ada specialist jgk ke??”..

Adooiii.. slalu dah dpt soalan camni dr kwn2..

Mmg sebelum ni pun.. sblm fa amek kos ni.. xpnah tau lak doktor gigi ni ade specialist..yg tau..CABUT GIGI.. SIMEN GIGI.. CUCI GIGI.. abes2 pun.. pkai BRACES.. kebanyakkan org awam xtau pasal pakar dlm dentistry ni kan..

The GENERAL dentist is qualified to carry out most dental yang fa ckp td.. but a patient may be referred to a SPECIALIST for a second opinion or when the treatment seems to require specialised KNOWLEDGE and SKILL..


Patients should visit the dentist EVERY 6 MONTHS for a dental check-up(rasenye..ramai yg dtg hanye bile skt kan??), which may include routine dental x-rays and a scale and polish treatment.

1. Some dentists employ DENTAL HYGIENISTS for the cleaning, scaling(cuci gigi) and polishing of teeth. Others perform this procedure themselves.
2. Dentists are qualified to diagnose dental problems and treat patients of all ages.
3. If necessary these will be referred to a specialist dentist.
4. Fillings(tampal), extractions(cabut gigi), root canal treatments(rawatan akar), replacement crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures(gig palsu) and other treatments, are routinely undertaken by a general dentist.
5. The dentist can administer a local anaesthetic(LA) (injection especially for tooth extraction), but general anaesthesia(GA) must be administered by a specialist anaesthetist, in a specially equipped theatre

After obtaining a BASIC DEGREE in dentistry(fa kat USM.. 5 thun).. a dentists have to complete at least another two years of training and may choose to specialise in any of the following fields:

•Oral Surgery
•Paediatric Dentistry
•Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology
•Dental Public Health
•Restorative Dentistry


Name pun anything involve with surgical approach to the head & neck.. doktor gigi la yang wat..These specialists deal with difficult extractions, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth (gigi geraham bongsu)..

•They also perform surgery on other parts of the face and mouth
•Tumours are removed from the head, neck, mouth and face.
•Jaws can be re-aligned by surgery.
•Implants are placed in the jaw to make tooth reconstruction possible.

These implants will be used to support replacement crowns, bridges, or dentures.


Sebut sal ortho je.. perkare ptame terlintas..mest braces kan.. actually..Orthodontists straighten teeth and correct the alignment of teeth and jaws...

•This improves both the function and the appearance of the teeth.
•When there is crowding (gigi bertindih) the orthodontist may need to extract some teeth.
•Wires, rubber bands and various other devices are used to move teeth into their correct alignment.
•Most orthodontic patients are children and adolescents.
•Increasingly, however, adults are having the function and appearance of their mouths improved by orthodontics

Bukan semue just utk esthetic ke cantik je.. tp juge utk memperbaiki struktur gigi utk kesihatan gigi yg optimum & keselesaan..


Snang ckp..gigi palsu.. sebetulnye.. sume doktor gigi blaja utk buat gg palsu.. just dlm makmal.. technician yg lebih arif dlm pembuatan gigi palsu yg cantik.. bidang prgigian ni bsar.. bkn doktor je main peranan.. nurse..juru teknik.. ramai lg yg main peranan penting..

Prosthodontists are dentists who specialise in the repair or replacement of worn, broken or missing teeth...

•Prosthodontists design and place crowns, bridges and dentures. These may be supported by implants, as well as by the remaining natural teeth.
•A dental technician (not a dentist or dental specialist) makes these crowns, bridges and dentures from impressions of the patient's mouth and teeth taken by the prosthodontist


Haa..ini pulak.. RCT (Root Canal Treatment)la plg glamer.. yg bese dikaitkan ngn kos treatment yg mahal,, hehe.. actually.. endodontics are specialists who treat the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth...

•They treat conditions caused by injury or disease.
•The most common treatment by an endodontist is a root canal treatment(RCT).
•This involves removing dead or diseased tissue from the root canal, filling it with a special material, and then sealing it to prevent infection.
•This procedure can save a tooth which would otherwise have to be extracted.
•Endodontists also perform operations such as amputating a root from a multi-rooted tooth, or removing the tip of a root (apicectomy).

Jadi..bukan smue gg yg nmpknye rosak..perlu dicabut.. bnyk lg alernative lain yg mampu kekalkan gg ditempatnye..,hilangkan rase skt.. dan CANTIK!


These are paediatric dentists that specialise in the treatment of children...

Bukan doktor perubatan je de paedriatic.. dentistry jugak ade..malah..lebih susah lg utk suruh kanak2 ni utk buke mulut dpn dentist yg kononnye akan gerudi gg org ni..hehe.. even adult pun takot.. apetah kanak2 kan.. tp sebenarnye... kanak2 sepatutnye dibawa jmpe doktor gg bermule sjak berumur 6 bln atau biasanye setahun.. which the 1st time tooth will erupt..

•Paedodontists treat children from the age of one to adolescence or early adulthood.
•They are trained to recognise early problems and to predict potential problems from early symptoms.
•They will watch for decay, crowding, teeth out of position, injury or disease.
•Knowledge of child psychology enables the paediatric dentist to treat nervous and anxious children sensitively


Periodontists are dentists who specialise in diagnosing and treating conditions of the gums, bone and other tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth... Masalah ngn gusi..

•These conditions may be caused by disease or injury.
•Periodontists treat gingivitis and periodontitis.
•They may graft gum tissue or bone where these have been destroyed.
•They may place implants in the jaw to support tooth replacements.
•The repairing or reconstructing of supporting tissues saves teeth that would otherwise loosen, fall out or be extracted.


Oral medicine is..

•concerned with diagnosis and non-surgical management of non-dental pathology affecting the oral and maxillofacial region, such as oral lichen planus, Behçet's disease and pemphigus vulgaris.
•involves the diagnosis and follow-up of pre-malignant lesions of the oral cavity, like leukoplakia or erythroplakia.
•managing the oral condition of medically compromised patients. For example, cancer patients who suffer from related oral mucositis, bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws or oral pathology related to radiation therapy.
•diagnosis and management of dry mouth conditions, such as Sjögren's syndrome, and non-dental chronic orofacial pain conditions, such as burning mouth syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

So..pape penyakit sistemik yg melibatkan penyakit oral.. ni la specialist yg perlu anda cari~~


Dental public health is involved in the assessment of dental health needs and improving the dental health of populations rather than individuals. Yang mcm program ke skolah..ajar gosok gg.. sume 2.. under mereke ni la.. menarik kan.. kerje2 kemasyarakatan..

One of the controversial subjects relating to dental public health is Fluoridation of drinking water.

Do u know?? Kelantan adalah antara negeri di semenanjung Malaysia yg xde water fluoridation..n this make.. Kelantan ade kadar caries yg plg tinggi di Malaysia..hmmm.. somebody should figure this out n solves this prob ASAP~


Restorative dentistry is the study, diagnosis and integrated management of diseases of the teeth and their supporting structures and the rehabilitation of the dentition to functional and aesthetic requirements of the individual...

•concerned with the teeth, oral cavity, and associated structures, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and restoration of defective or missing tissue.
•the work done by dentists, e.g., the creation of restorations, crowns, and bridges, and surgical procedures performed in and about the oral cavity.

Bidang ni.. lebih tertumpu pd pencegahan n membaik pulih gg yg berpotensi utk rosak.. tampal gigi secare mudahnye.. yg kebiasaannye.. amalgam (yg warne silver or hitam 2).. atau tooth coloured filing.. yg warne same mcm warne gigi terutamanye utk gigi depan.. tp slalunye.. general dentist pun buat bende ni,.even mane2 klinik swasta,..perkhidmatan ni yg plg popular,, jus utk certain condition.. a specialist is needed..

Jadi.. mesti dah dpt gambaran ape yg doktor gigi ni buat kan.. no wonder dentistry course take 5 years or more.. bkn nk blaja cabut gg tampal gg je.. so many other things beyond ur imagination..

Sbgai student from USM.. we have to learn medical aspect together with dental aspect within 5 years,, why? Sebab xde org dtg klinik bwk kepale atau mulut shj utk dirawat.. :p

Sunday, February 21, 2010

GONG XI FA CAI.. demam raye cine ade lg ni.. 10 hari bercuti di umah.. xwat pape.. prasaan raye cine pun xtrase sngt.. sbb kat klntn ni xrmai cine.. dulu kat penang trase jgk.. jiran2 bnykla bg ampau, limau n kuih bakul..sdapnye.. =)

Have you realize that every culture or religion have different beliefs about NEW YEAR??


1. Muharram محرّم
2. Safar صفر
3. Rabi' al-awwal) ربيع الأول
4. Rabi' al-thani ربيع الآخر أو ربيع الثاني
5. Jumādā al-Ūlā جمادى الاولي
6. Jumādā al-Thānī جمادى الآخره أو جمادى الثانيه
7. Rajab رجب
8. Sha'aban شعبان
9. Ramadan رمضان
10. Shawwal شوّال
11. Dhu al-Qi'dah ذو القعدة
12. Dhu al-Hijjah

12 months altogether..n berdasarkan thun hijrah(HIJRI CALENDAR).. thun ni 1431 hijrah.. fa lahir thun 1409 hijrah tp xsure exact tarikh dlm bulan islam..harinye ahad..mmm..mane nk cr kalender thun 1989 ye..

The Islamic calendar started after the migration of the Holy Prophet and some of his companions from Makkah to Madinah with generally of 355 days depending upn th 30 day and 29 day months. The month of Islamic calendar begins from the next day of the sighting of moon which will be the first day of succeeding month... As a result of this the dates of the Islamic calendar can seldom match the solar (Gregorian) calendar except by rare coincidence.

Hari atau dlm arabic words..yawm means day.. bermule dr hari

Al- Ahad
Al Al-Ithnayn


Thun br cine bknnye perayaan agame mcm aidilfitri.. tp die dirayakan oleh smue bangse cine xkire ape agamenye.. pelikkan? Kuatnye ikatan bangse cine.. tiap kali perayaan thun br cine ni..disimbolkan dgn thun 12 binatang yg berbeze.. 14 feb 2010 lpas.. bermulenye thun harimau.. dan thun ni akan berulang lg 12 thun kemudian.. 12 binatang tu tikus, lembu, harimau, arnab, naga, ular, kuda, kambing, monyet, ayam, anjing n khinzir.. mcm fa tgk cite ttg Feng Shui kat TV aritu.. tiap thun ni berbeze maksudnye..


The Hindu calendrical day starts with local sunrise. It is allotted five "properties", called angas...Iaitu...
1. the tithi (one of 30 divisions of a synodic month) active at sunrise
2. the vaasara or weekday
3. the nakshatra (one of 27 divisions of the celestial ecliptic) in which the moon resides at sunrise
4. the yoga (one of 27 divisions based on the ecliptic longitude of the sun and moon) active at sunrise
5. the karana (divisions based on tithis) active at sunrise.
Together these are called the panchāngas where pancha means "five" in Sanskrit.

VAASARA refers to the days of the week

Ravi vāsara
रविवासरः Ahad
Soma vāsara
Mangala vāsara
Budha vāsara
बुधवासरः Rabu
Guru vāsara
गुरुवासरः Khamis
Shukra vāsara
Shani vāsara

There are twelve lunar month names:

1 Chaitra
2 Vaishākh
3 Jyaishtha
4 Āshādha
5 Shrāvana
6 Bhādrapad
7 Āshwin
8 Kārtik
9 Agrahayana
10 Paush
11 Māgh
12 Phālgun

Rasenye..rmai yg xtau kalendar india kan.. sbb xbnyk diketengahkan kat mane2.. fa pun xsure ngt.. but eager ngt nk tau.. so fa cr.. kalu slh mane2.. hopefully some1 leh btulkan fa ye..


Atau lebih snang cerite.. Georgian Calendar.. The Gregorian solar calendar is an arithmetical calendar. It counts days as the basic unit of time, grouping them into years of 365 or 366 days..and repeats completely every 146,097 days, which fill 400 years, and which also happens to be 20,871 seven-day weeks.. Of these 400 years, 303 (the "common years") have 365 days, and 97 (the leap years) have 366 days. This gives an average year length of exactly 365.2425 days, or 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds... Waa... detailnye..

A Gregorian year is divided into twelve months of irregular length, with no regular relationship among their lengths

Cam yg kite tau.. Januari till december.. Bule kate evry part of the world gune calendar ni kan..


Aquarius, Pieces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagitarius, Capricorn..yg jugak dismbolkan ngn simbol buruj(constellation) tertentu..

What is constellation?

It is a group of stars that forms a pattern..actually there are 88 constellations that visible only either from northen hemisphere or southern hemisphere.. As the Earth orbits the Sun, different constellations become visible as the Earth’s dark side faces different parts of the night sky.. According to history, over 2000 years ago.. ancient Greek astronomers saw the same patterns in the sky as we do today, They named the constellations after the animals, beats, and gods familiar to them.. But then only 12 is taken as horoscope..amazing!!

And the most important part.. xkire dimane n ape bangse.. smue ikut kalender yg kite gune skrg.. 2010.. yg mule dr bulan 1 smpai 12.. Januari till December.. Quite interesting kan.. lg bnyk kite teliti..lg bnyk kite prasan same n beze antare kite.. tp nape sume 12??? Hmmmm....

Yang fa sure.. fa lahir 2 april 1989.. 1409 hijrah.. tahun ular.. bulan ashadha..aries.. =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

What is so interesting about PENANG??

For me..there will be 3 things..
Its people,foods and buildings..Have u ever go to Penang..? Such a small island yet so wonderful..

Macam iklan cuti2 Malaysia la plak..hehe..

Sume org slalu keliru fa ni asal mane?Penang? Kelantan? Actually..both..

Me and family move to Kelantan 7 years ago when i’m in form 1..On merdeka 2002.. But last month..during holiday..we went back to Penang..actually we used to go back to Penang once a year. Not very much different like 7 years ago..but still..i think that Penang is such a amazing island in Malaysia..

Like i said before..If u have a trip to Penang.. take a look on its PEOPLE..Org slalu ckp..penang ni bnyk anak mami.. some will say.. Penang rmai chinese.. Indian pun rmai la dah glamour nasi kandar..which one is true? All..

Kalu ase tingin nk tgk pe tu 1 Malaysia..pegila Penang.. U will never see such a place yg ade 3 major kaum ( Malay, Chinese and Indian) idup sngt harmoni.. Compare dgn tmpat lain.. Example KL.. pun bnyk kaum yg ade.. but in Penang.. 3 kaum ni still mengamalkan budaya asal, perayaan kaum and share their moments with each other.. How amazing..

Foods? Bile dah bnyk kaum kat sane.. bnykla plak mknn nye.. Laksa, nasi kandar,char kuey tiew.. sumenye asal dr Penang.. n bnyk lg.. tp bnyk dah negeri2 len yg dah adjust resipi asl n disesuaikan ngn selere rakyat negeri msg2.. but if u really wanna taste the real recipi.. pegila Jln2 cr mkn kat Penang....!!

Buildings? Pecaye satu bgnn kat penang..yg de diorg wat pengambaran filem ANNA AND THE KING.. de old white building kat sane..yg cantik classic..skrg dah jd mahkamah negeri penang.. de jgk bgnn2 len yg menarik kat sane.. org slalu dngr KOMTAR kan? Yela..Komtar 2 bgnn yg plg tinggi kat Penang till yg plg menarik ialah bgnn2 umah kdai.. classic,lame, nice..yg xle tgk kat mane2 tmpt pun..Macam kite tau,.,Penang ialah negeri2 selat kan..cuz dijajah org english.. so no wonder, it got such very nice buildings there.. n till now still terpelihare n tersegam indah..

And during my holiday last month, fa n family mmg jln2 sakan.. keliling island.. here are some photos taken there..

X sabar nk pegi Penang lagi~ =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What is the first thing come out from ur mind when i say..


The machine on it right? Well.. It’s not like “mesin gerudi”..but it’s just some sort of device..and should be..PAINLESS..

Sejak seminggu due bnyk je org dtg ckp ngn fa..”camne ye kalu nk wat dental treatment..sakit gg la”..i wonder why..musim sakit gg ke?? Hehe..

Since in primary school..i never scared of the dentist or the chair..maybe because, it’s never hurt me..but somehow..i realise..most of people..ade pengalaman buruk atau PHOBIA to the dentist or the dental chair itself..(Bule wat masuk dlm Fear Factor ni...hmmm)


-feeling of helplessness or loss of control?
-Negative past experience?
-The sight, sound and smell in the dental environment?
-Afraid of NEEDLE? painful isn’t it??..Bad wasn’t dat bad..

Keje dentist bukan nk menyakitkan org..just to help..and reduce the pain..Sakit ketike treatment..just for a while and it will recover..memangla..bukan sume org ade tahap kesihatan mulut yg baik..even dah jg baik..still caries sbb u need the dentist for treatment..


-You feel tense or have trouble sleeping the night before a dental exam.
-You get increasingly nervous while you're in the waiting room.
-You feel like crying when you think of going to the dentist.
-The thought of a dental visit makes you feel physically ill.
-You panic or have trouble breathing when objects are placed in your mouth during a dental appointment.

Ade?? Oh NO....u might have DENTAL PHOBIA..

But before that..let me introduce u some common tools that the dentist used during treatment..

Ni la BUR yg digunekan utk “gerudi” caries yg ade kat gg..sbb enamel gg xde saraf..sptutnye xsakit..just ade bunyi2 yg kurang enak yg wat org tiny actually..

AMALGAM..lpas gune BUR..amalgam digune utk cover bhgian gg yg hilang..xsakit lgsg! xdela bakteria bule masuk dlm saraf gg dan jdkan sakit.. Bekilatnye gg~

SCALING(cuci gg)..Just gune alat kecil ni utk kuarkan kotoran yg ade kat gg..makin bnyk kotoran yg ade..makin bnyk kene buang..makin tggi potensi utk alat ni tekene gusi..n mayb sakit..

Sometimes..EXTRACTION(cabut gg) sngt sakit tp kadang x..depends pd tahap kerosakan..

Nape xle cabut gg taim gusi bengkak??

-sbb bile bengkak..means ade nanah inside..if nk bius..xde sakitla bile cabut gg..dats y xle cabut gg taim bengkak..


Tgk alat kat dental chair ni..mcm nk wat pembedahan je kan? Hehe..bkn ade pe ngt pun..lampu..bekas utk ltak alat.semburan air..angin..basic2 thing..jus sumenye diletakkan skaligus kat 1 mesin..utk memudahkan keje dentist..sbb dental treatment sumenye bekait ngn mase..mampu ke ngange mulut lame2??

So..dont get confuse..JANGAN TAKUT..noting 2 worry actually..Nape dentist kene blaja 5thun hanye utk rawat gg?? Cause..there are so many things to be consider..

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tingat zaman kecik2 dulu..slalu cikgu ..kwn2..tanye.. ”Hobi ape?”..mcm2 jwpan bule dngr.. baca buku..main game..besukan..tgk tv..even tdo.. makin lame..jwpan yg bese didengar..dah berubah..jd surf playstation..mcm2..and usually berkait ngn technology..

It’s seems..hobi kanak2 bergerak same ngn peredaran zaman..

Last month..i had found something that is very interesting..the OLD STAMP.. from all over the country.. i ask my mum..and she was hers..and my father’s collection since they were in primary school..
Wow!! No wonder it looks so old..

There were hundreds of them..England is the most but also from Australia, Bangladesh, Belgique, Canada, China, Danmark, Espana, Egypt, Helventia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Nederland, New Zealand, Pilipinas, Republik Indonesia, Republik Italiana, Singapore, Thailand, US..and so many other..

Abah fa ckp..kalu dijual..beribu ringgit jgk yg bule abah xkan pernah jual..abah nk fa simpan baik2..heee...wat an honour..That’s why..fa susun blk smua setem one big stamp can be something yg bule diturunkan turun temurun dr kuarge fa.. Bkn snang nk dpt kan...

Lgpun setem ni actually can educate jgk kan..Actually..bkn foreign country je yg mak abah kumpul..even MALAYSIA..since MALAYA..also hundreds of them.. So old yet so wonderful..fa asingkan ia dlm 1 lg stamp album..khas utk yg tempatan..n fa pun akan kumpul..sementare nk tggu fa tue..setem skrg ni pun akan jd beharge kan..something yg org slalu ignore.. ( kad raye pun dah gune sms camne nk kumpul setem..huhu)

Hopefully.. hobi mcm ni..le jd something yg sngt beharge..n diteruskan bdk2 zaman skrg..So, JOM KUMPUL SETEM!!


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