Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oral "Make Up"

Hey.. why there are always about dental stuff??

Simple answer.. cuz im the dentist in the making.. learning how to educate people about oral care..hehe.. What do you know about oral hygiene?


Ancient peoples chewed twigs from plants with high aromatic properties to freshen the breath, spread out fibers and to clean tooth and gum. Eg: Root of the arak tree – siwak (kayu sugi)

In 618-907 A.D., Tang dynasty china invented toothbrush using hog bristles. Eeeuuww..

But today.. nylon bristle were used instead..

Which toothbrush is suitable for you? Its depends on your own teeth and comfort..But actually the power toothbrush is even better to clean all area on teeth…

There are also some supplemental oral hygiene devices.


Main function: To remove plaque and debris that adheres to the teeth, restorations, orthodontic appliances, fixed prostheses and pontics, gingivae in interproximal embrasures, and around implants.

Fa mostly dngr org ckp.. diorg gunekan floss sbg alternative utk bersihkan celahan gigi dgn cpt dr sisa mknn.. Dan diorg gunekan bhgn floss yg same utk semua gigi dan lebih mengejutkan basuh dan gunekan utk beberapa hari.. Jimatnye.. But it’s not a proper way..Use a piece of floss (18inches) and clean every area..


A fork made of the same material as a toothbrush handle. The user wraps the floss around the fork and can clean between their teeth using this device.


Wooden or plastic triangular sticks
Kat kdai mkn slalu ade bende ni kan..Good..atleast masyarakat dah biase bersihkan gg lepas mkn dr sisa mknn..


Large papillary surface area of the tongue favors the accumulation of oral microorganism. Soft bristle toothbrush can be used.Cam kat TV ckp.. 80% bakteria bkn brade pd gg.. so..kebersihan lidah pun penting..Cume.. xsesusah utk bersihkan gg..


Mouth rinsing helps to remove food debris and the solution used can flow in hard-to -reach areas such as between teeth.

Mouthrinses are used in addition to brushing and flossing. They do not replace the use of toothbrush, toothpaste or dental floss.

There are two types of mouthrinses.

1.Regular mouthrinses to refresh the mouth.
2.Therapeutic mouthrinses
*with added benefit of protection against oral diseases
*for treatment.
But.. make sure you did not keep using it for more than 2 weeks or you may get gum inflammation. After 2 weeks of using.. rest for days.. and you can continue using it after that..

There are so many other kind of devices that can be used according to the needs.. Orthodontics patients ( wearing braces) may need other devices..It’s up to you.. which one is suitable and affordable.. Just make sure.. your oral cavity is always clean and realize that oral hygiene is as important as maintaining health..

Nice smile =)


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