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Doktor : Ubat gigi apa yang puan guna untuk anak puan? (lebih kurangla)
Ibu : Saya tak ingat doktor..yang pasti HALAL..
Doktor : Ubat gigi bukan perlu sekadar HALAL tapi berflorida. Florida penting dalam penjagaan gigi.Florida juga..bla..bla..bla..(tak ingat dah..)

Ingat tak iklan Ubat Gigi ni? Die cite ttg pentingnye gune ubat gigi berflorida..But..What did you really understand about FLUORIDE??

Fluoride: identified as one of the elements present in dental hard tissues.
Fluoride ion is “calcium – seeking”
Fluorapatite = Ca10(PO4)6F2
All we all know..toothpaste and mouth rinses contains flouride, but did you realise that in our daily diet also have fluoride? The example are fish and tea..But with very little amount..

Most of ingested fluoride are absorbed in the digestive tract (saluran pencernaan)and go to the blood. Only small amounts is unabsorbed and excreted in the faeces. Circulating plasma fluoride will deposited to teeth and bone and only small amount to soft tissues. Then, it will excrete via urinary system (major pathway) and sweat, small amount in milk, saliva and digestive juice.

What’s the function?

1. Fluoride were incorporated into tooth structure to increased resistance to acid attack
2. Influence the solubility rate
3. Catalyses stable apatitic phase
4. Favours remineralisation of early carious lesions
5. Effect on acid formation
6. Affect the morphology of the teeth making them more self cleansing
7. Different agent with specific effects

Senang nk paham..florida penting dalam penjagaan gigi dengan meneutralkan asid plak yg melekat pd gigi yg menyebabkan sakit gigi..

Tp di Malaysia.. Water fluoridation dah lame diperkenalkan bermule di negeri Johor since 1957..Why? To prevent caries among Malaysian..Community water fluoridation is safe and cost-effective and should be introduced and maintained wherever it is socially acceptable and feasible. The optimum water fluoride concentration will normally be within the range of 0.5ppm – 1.0ppm.

Certain country.. They apply fluoride in tablets, drop or lozenges instead of water fluoridation. It depends on current levels of fluoride intake, caries status and age of subjects in the area.

Kurang Florida menyebabkan karies gigi..Kalu lebih??

Florida berlebihan dalam badan boleh menyebabkan Fluorosis..
Tp jangan risau..Kite perlu telan 5 tube ubat gigi utk mendapat penyakit ini.. Possible? Go back and try..

So.. make sure gune ubat gg with fluoride ya..especially area Kelantan..cuz.. Kelantan don hav water fluoridation..k..


Bile sebut ttg EGYPT.. Mesti sume org terpikir ttg pyramid, Sungai Nil, Firaun dan Mumia.. Mostly..sume org dah tau ttg ni kan.. But now..fa nk kongsi ttg cerite rakyat masyarakat Mesir pd zaman dulu..Fa ske ngt sejarah Egypt, Roman, Viking (Lanun) and Greece.. Ni antara buku koleksi yg fa syg ngt..

The ancient Egyptians told many stories about their gods and about the world around them. Often these stories would try to explain something that the people did not really understand. Nut’s Children tries to explain why the Moon waxes and wanes.


In long time ago times, RE, the chief of all the gods, still reigned on Earth as a living pharaoh (firaun). He lived in a huge palace on the banks of the Nile (Sungai Nil) and all the people of Egypt came to bow down before him. All his courtiers did exactly what he ask, and he spent his time hunting, playing games and feasting. IT WAS A WONDERFUL LIFE!

However, one day..

A courtier came to him and told him about a conversation he had overhead. THOTH, god of wisdom and magic, had told the goddess NUT that one day her son would be pharaoh of Egypt.

RE was furious. How could anyone but he possibly be Pharaoh? No-one else was worthy of the task, and besides, he had no intention of ever giving up the throne. He raged about in his chambers, shouting at the top of his voice.
“How dare they suggest such a thing! Why, they are probably plotting to get rid of me at this very moment. But no child of NUT will de-throne me!!”
He thought and thought about a way to protect his throne. Eventually, summoning all the magic power his possessed, he spoke these words:
“I lay this curse upon her: no child of NUT will be born on any day or any night of a year.”

News traveled quickly amongst the gods, so NUT soon heard of RE’s curse. She was quite heart-broken. She badly wanted a child but she knew that RE’s magic was very strong. How could she break the curse? The only person who might be able to help her was THOTH, wisest of all gods, so she set off to see him at once.
THOTH loved NUT dearly and, when he saw her tears, he decided at once to do all he could to help her.
“I cannot lift RE’s curse,” he said, “but I may be able to get round it. Just wait here.”

THOTH knew that KHONSU, the Moon god, was a great gambler, so he went to visit him and challenged him to a game of senet (mcm game chess tp ade 7 each side).
KHONSU did not stop to think for a moment. He could not resist the challenge.
“O, THOTH” he said. “You may be the wisest of all gods, but I am the greatest senet player there has ever been. I have never lost a game. I will certainly play you and I will win every game easily!”

The two sat down to play. From the very start, THOTH won every game. All seven of his pieces seemed to reach the far end of the board before KHONSU’s pieces had even moved.
“You have just been lucky up till now, THOTH,” said KHONSU. “I wager an hour of my light that I will win the next game.”
But still he lost! THOTH kept on winning and KHONSU kept on wagering his own light until THOTH had won enough of KHONSU’s light to make up five whole days. Then THOOTH stood up, thanked KHONSU for the game and left, taking KHONSU’s light with him.

“What a coward,” muttered KHONSU to himself. “My luck was just starting to change. I would certainly have won the next game!”
THOTH fitted the five extra days in between the end of that year and the beginning of the next. Until that time the year had been made up to 12 months, each with 30 days, making a total of 360 days in the year. That number remained the same, but the five extra days set the calendar right.

NUT was overjoyed when THOTH told her what he had done. Because the five extra days were not days in any year, NUT’s children could be born on these days without breaking RE’s curse. On the first day, NUT gave birth to OSIRIS, who was to be Pharaoh after RE; on the second day to HARMACHIS, who is immortalized as the SPHINX; on the third day SET, who latter killed OSIRIS and become Pharaoh for a while; on the fourth day ISIS, who was to be the wife of OSIRIS, and on the fifth day NEPHTHYS, who was to be SET’s wife. (kawin adik bradik utk kekalkan keturunan tuhan)

As for KHONSU the moon god, he was so weakened after the game with THOOTH that he lost much of his strength for ever. He could no longer shine brightly all the time. Even today the Moon only shines brightly on a few days of the month and has to spend the rest of the time gathering its strength together.

Wow!! Such an interesting story..Egypt kaya dgn crite ttg tuhan2 die.. dan anak2 NUT antare yg plg terkenal..Fa ade bnyk lg koleksi cerite camni.. To be continue later ya..

Friday, June 19, 2009

What do you know about Plaque??

Kalu rase gg kite 2 dah cukup bersih dan sihat.. Try to use disclosing agent and this is what u'll see..

Banyaknye plak..!!
Plaque is defined as the soft deposit that form on the bio-film adhering to the tooth surface or other hard surface in the oral cavity including removable and fixed restoration

Then..mesti kite pikir.. betul ke cara kite jg gg slame ni??Betul ke cara gosok gg yg dah dipraktis sejak betahun2 dulu??This is the objective why we need to brush our teeth..

1.Remove plaque and disturb reformation.
2.Clean teeth from food, debris, and stain.
3.Stimulate the gingival tissues.
4.Apply dentifrice

Jadi.. camne ek cr yg bekesan utk gosok gg??
There are several methods of tooth brushing.. But, no one method shows consistently better results in removing plaque than scrubbing..And only Bass method is effective to clean sulcus..

Toothbrush is positioned in the gungival sulcus at 45 degree angle to the tooth apex. The bristles are than gently pressed to enter the sulcus. A vibratory action, described as a back-forth horizontal jiggle, causes a pulsing of the bristles to clean the sulci. 10 stroke for each area.

A rapid up-and-down vibrating motion to force the bristles into the pits and fissures, followed by a sweeping motion to expel the dislodged debris.
Long, sweeping horizontal strokes are contraindicated, because the toothbrush bristles have minimum contact in the deeper and more critical fissures.

As the anterior lingual surfaces of the mandible and maxilla are difficult to access the brush is used vertically.

Average brushing time - 3 min
Use timer, 5 to 10 strokes in each area
Do not share your toothbrush
Life of toothbrush - average 3 months

How much toothpaste to use??

the therapeutic dose of fluoride toothpaste to be a pea-sized (5-mm) amount (0.25 g). Toothpaste containing 0.10% to 0.15% F is recommended.

Jadi..rajin2 la gosok gg dgn cara yg betul k.. Atleast..twice a day..everyday..after breakfast and before go to bed..nant fa cite lak ttg penjagaan gg yg len.. Thats y a dentist spends 5 years studying dentistry.. What do we learn..?? More than u can imagine..



Can you define LOVE..??

Any of a number of emotions and experience related to a sense of strong affection and attachment..

Yeke?.. ntahla.. bg fa soal ni..too subjective kan?
Check out this poem..

LOVE is patient..
LOVE is kind..
It does not envy..
It does not boast..It is not proud..
It is not rude..It is not self seeking..It is not easily angered..
It keeps no record of wrongs..
LOVE does not delight in evil..but rejoices with the truth..
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preseveres..

Now.. dah jd makin complicated lak..hehe.. matter camne pun org define it..only org yg pnah rase je yg akan paham.. wonderful yet so confusing.. This is the chemical basis yg blaku dlm badan manusia..So interesting..

So.. if mkn xkenyang.. tdo xlene..mandi xbasah.. jgn salahkan sape2..
It's come from your body inside.. first,pikir2 balik,tak pun..its not even my 1st post pun since dlu dah pnah try2 wat blog.. Jus..i'd made a promise 2 someone.. so,fa trus wat je..n xnk org ckp bute IT..hehe.. but now.. mayb fa dah ready nk men blog lak.. hopefully by dis time..its getting much better..
Banyak sngt bende yg fa ske.. nant, I would like to share anything i know..or want to know..Hopefully, fa le spend my free time with this.. xla buang mase ngt kan..yeke?? hehe..Tp fa xkan lupe.. kwn ckp.. jgn men blog ni smpai obses.. Study is much100x more important.. It's not a honeymoon year.. huhu.. But maybe.. after this fa akn busy with xtra activities..dah thun 2.. maybe xsebeban thun 1
Kite Enjoy!!!


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