Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Night first,pikir2 balik,tak pun..its not even my 1st post pun since dlu dah pnah try2 wat blog.. Jus..i'd made a promise 2 someone.. so,fa trus wat je..n xnk org ckp bute IT..hehe.. but now.. mayb fa dah ready nk men blog lak.. hopefully by dis time..its getting much better..
Banyak sngt bende yg fa ske.. nant, I would like to share anything i know..or want to know..Hopefully, fa le spend my free time with this.. xla buang mase ngt kan..yeke?? hehe..Tp fa xkan lupe.. kwn ckp.. jgn men blog ni smpai obses.. Study is much100x more important.. It's not a honeymoon year.. huhu.. But maybe.. after this fa akn busy with xtra activities..dah thun 2.. maybe xsebeban thun 1
Kite Enjoy!!!


naruto said...

thanks flower my blog
cute doc :)

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