Friday, June 19, 2009

Dentist WanAbe

What do you know about Plaque??

Kalu rase gg kite 2 dah cukup bersih dan sihat.. Try to use disclosing agent and this is what u'll see..

Banyaknye plak..!!
Plaque is defined as the soft deposit that form on the bio-film adhering to the tooth surface or other hard surface in the oral cavity including removable and fixed restoration

Then..mesti kite pikir.. betul ke cara kite jg gg slame ni??Betul ke cara gosok gg yg dah dipraktis sejak betahun2 dulu??This is the objective why we need to brush our teeth..

1.Remove plaque and disturb reformation.
2.Clean teeth from food, debris, and stain.
3.Stimulate the gingival tissues.
4.Apply dentifrice

Jadi.. camne ek cr yg bekesan utk gosok gg??
There are several methods of tooth brushing.. But, no one method shows consistently better results in removing plaque than scrubbing..And only Bass method is effective to clean sulcus..

Toothbrush is positioned in the gungival sulcus at 45 degree angle to the tooth apex. The bristles are than gently pressed to enter the sulcus. A vibratory action, described as a back-forth horizontal jiggle, causes a pulsing of the bristles to clean the sulci. 10 stroke for each area.

A rapid up-and-down vibrating motion to force the bristles into the pits and fissures, followed by a sweeping motion to expel the dislodged debris.
Long, sweeping horizontal strokes are contraindicated, because the toothbrush bristles have minimum contact in the deeper and more critical fissures.

As the anterior lingual surfaces of the mandible and maxilla are difficult to access the brush is used vertically.

Average brushing time - 3 min
Use timer, 5 to 10 strokes in each area
Do not share your toothbrush
Life of toothbrush - average 3 months

How much toothpaste to use??

the therapeutic dose of fluoride toothpaste to be a pea-sized (5-mm) amount (0.25 g). Toothpaste containing 0.10% to 0.15% F is recommended.

Jadi..rajin2 la gosok gg dgn cara yg betul k.. Atleast..twice a day..everyday..after breakfast and before go to bed..nant fa cite lak ttg penjagaan gg yg len.. Thats y a dentist spends 5 years studying dentistry.. What do we learn..?? More than u can imagine..



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