Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lepas dah habis blaja ni, bnyk berfikir.. ade org cdgkn teruskan ngn kerajaan mcm biase, ade yg suruh sambung blaja, ade yg ckp bukak klinik sndiri yg bule cpt kaye katenye..
Ramai org ckp, jd doctor gigi ni kaye, sbb semue mahal.. hehe.. bule jd jutawan ke?? 
Here is the list of suggested price for dental treatments in Malaysia released on 2010 and still used till now I guess..

Tak dinafikan, sesetengahnye macam mahal xmasuk akal.. tp mestila ade sbb nye.. org slalu pk, klinik gigi xbnyk modal, beli kerusi je.. dan panadol.. most of people didn’t know the actual cost of dental materials.. bahan tampalan yg bule mencecah ratusan ringgit, penyelenggaraan bahan yg bertoksik sume tu, kalu nk crite, knew at entri baru.. =)

Then, regarding the skills, only a dentist can treat you well, cause they were previously trained with real patients and specialists as consultants. Kalau x, xdela kne blaja 5-6thun nk jd dentist kalau takat nk cabut gigi ngan playar je kan~~ Semuanye mesti lojik!

Malaysian can have their options; get your treatment in government clinic, private clinic, or university's hospitals. Don’t be afraid to be treated with “students” cause you might surprised the highly occupied and expensive materials they used, very best specialist by your side and everything was for FREE!!


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